Intense Quiz Duel with friends and community

Exclusive Gameplay

Asynchronous gameplay while keeping the excitement of live. Never wait your opponent.

iOS Spirit

Gorgeous and clear iOS spirit design. iOS tech inside: 3D Touch compatible : Notification, Peek and poke, short actions...

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Rich content

More than 5000 questions on various themes: Global knowledge, TV, Movie, History, Geography, Tech, Computer...

VIP Pass

Upgrade to remove all the ads, get many more questions, exclusive packs and new features.

How to play ?

Straight to the game. No painful setup (only if you want to).

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Find an Opponent

DoYouQuizz proposes different ways to choose your challenger.


The Go-Fast option: our match-making pick a random opponent in the Quiz community.

In your AddressBook

Pick a contact that already play DoYouQuizz or send invitation to others.

In your Facebook Friends

Choose any of your Facebook friend.

By Email or Username

Search an opponent from an email or with a username. Useful for opponent not in your Address Book neither Facebook friends.

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Setup the Party

A default setup is proposed and you can immediatly play. But you can also setup your party in details.

Setup the Length of the Party

Choose the number of rounds a of your party (4, 6 or 8). Each rounds is made of 10 questions.

Select your Themes

Choose themes for half of the rounds and the opponent will choose the rest. Shake your phone and we choose some random themes.

Select your Language

When DoYouQuizz will have many localized contents, you’ll be able to choose the language of your party.

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Asynchronous gameplay while keeping the excitement of live. Never wait your opponent.

Hardcore Quiz Gameplay

Straight to the point, one question, 4 answers, only one to get points. The fast you play the more points you'll get.

But it's a battle

One round you play alone and the next round your opponent answers are played in real time as if he is available at the same time.

Beautiful iOS Design

We love iOS design spirit and tech. Our design is peaceful and clear to focus on the battle you have to win ! No complex setup, straight to the game.

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We love to hear from you. Send us your feedback and questions.